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I am a homeschool mom, an author, an advocate for common-sense government, and currently a candidate for Maryland Senate District 12 including portions of Anne Arundel County and Howard County.  However, I am not a proponent of politics as usual.  I believe that your work matters, your family is important, and we should not be controlled by policies that have proven negative for our family, our mental well-being, and America's future.  We are more than pawns of special interest groups' chess game. Our lives, our work and our families have been under sustained attack by misguided politics and the self-centered advocacy of special interest groups.  One attack is having devastating effects on the education of children, namely Critical Race Theory.  Meanwhile, too many Maryland children are among the least proficient in Math and English, while Maryland families are among the highest tax-paying citizens in the nation.  The 2022 election represents our opportunity to overturn ineffective policies. Let's end politics as usual.  I am asking you to vote for me. Let's move forward together. 


Important message to all crooked and corrupt politicians, judges and leaders in Maryland

Why no FaceBook? FB is not pro-freedom, pro-family or pro-American. I believe it unwise to continue to fund billionaires or businesses who want to destroy America's children and our constitutional foundation.  Together, we can and must cancel their Jim Crow CANCEL CULTURE.

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We Can Move Forward Together

For Safety. For Family. For Truth.

I have called Howard County home for nearly 20 years.  After twenty-years, I left a well paid, corporate career in Human Resources Management, employee relations, contract management and vendor relations to focus on raising my only child and advocating for common sense policies in education, healthcare and equal rights for all Americans. I did so, because despite appearing to have it all the schools were failing us, our community was becoming less safe each day, and neighbors were being divided over issues about which most parents agree.  

Since then, I have persisted in my commitment to protect parental rights,  addressing issues related to community safety, child protection and quality schools, and countering divisive CRT initiatives in our communities.  I will work tirelessly for District 12 and will not cower to cancel culture, CRT, or anti-capitalist rhetoric.  Together, we can rise above the programs of division. We can move forward together.

Important message to all crooked and corrupt politicians, judges and leaders in Maryland.



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